24/7 Emergency Ballscrew Repair Service

Balls & Lead Screws

Balls & Lead Screws

lead screw refurbishing

Lead Screw Refurbishing

Esco's lead screw refurbishing service offers new lead screw performance at less than half the cost of new. Pitch diameter taper is restored to original condition and thread flanks are ground to precise tolerances. Our standard “R1” and “R2” classes assure interchangeability with replacement nuts and feature substantially

less backlash than competitive products.

Emergency repair services are available — contact us to make to make arrangements.

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Spline Shafts

Spline Shafts

Esco manufactures a variety of straight-sided, involute, and serrated spline shafts. We specialize in precision machined spline profiles using our in-house hobbing and shaping equipment. For high accuracy applications, we can grind profiles within ± 0.001 inches (± 0.025 mm) of nominal.

Esco repairs threaded products for all types of machinery regardless of manufacturer or age.

Product range includes acme thread forms as well as trapezoidal, round, buttress, V-thread, and many more. We also offer manufacturer specific thread forms for Lucas, DeVlieg, Giddings & Lewis, and Blanchard machinery.

A complete assortment of threaded replacement parts including lead screws, nuts, lead bars, feed shafts, and diamond screws is available to meet your needs.

Thread Type's We Repair:

  • Precision Lead Screws
  • Acme Thread
  • Buttress Thread
  • Trapezoidal (Tr) Thread
  • V-Thread
  • Square Thread
  • Feed / Conveyor Shafts
  • Lead Screw Refurbishing
  • Threaded Nuts
  • Lead Bars (High Helix)
  • Levelwind Screws & Pawl

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Our primary Business is reconditioning ballscrews any make, any model, any size...

Regardless of the wear or damage to a ballscrews, You can get them repaired...

Virtually any ballscrew up to ten inches in diameter and 30 feet in length can be repaired.

Esco Ballscrew Service Specialize in Emergency Repair We repair all makes and models of Ballscrew assemblies in the market today.

All ballscrews that are repaired will be checked for proper torque drag and operating smoothness.

We offering a 24 to 48 Hour Ballscrew repair and return service on any and all makes and models of ballscrews, Lead Screws, Spindles, Chucks and Blow Molding Machines Parts.

Esco will reduce your Downtime to a minimium guarnteed.

Your ballscrew will be repaired to O. E.M. specifications.

Why a rebuilding ballscrew is an alternative to a new ballscrew unit?

The cost and even more Important 24 -48 hour Rapid Turn-Around Service we can supply when Your Company is in a Downtime satuation. When you choosing a company to rebuilding your ballscrew. turnaround time is just as significant as the cost. Both are kept in mind while rebuilding the ballscrew. It makes sense to repair your worn or damaged Ballscrews as they are expensive to replace and often have to be specially ordered. A ballscrew rebuilt can significantly reduce your downtime and productions lose.

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Esco expanded into gear manufacturing in 2009 to compliment our threaded product. Our gear line includes spur, helical, miter and bevel, worm sets, and racks and sprockets of all types. We repair and manufacture both external and internal gears using certified, high grade materials for improved accuracy, superior performance, and long life.

Esco repairs all makes and sizes of sprocket includes a wide variety of custom manufactured chain and synchronous belt drive types applications.

  • Gears
  • Spur & Rack
  • Helical
  • Bevel & Miter
  • Worm & Worm Gear
  • Sprockets
  • Gearbox Refurbishing

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BallScrews Repair Process

BallScrews Repair Process

BallScrews Repair Process

BallScrews Repair Process

BallScrews Repair Process

Ballscrew Repair Process

We offer repairing on ballscrew qll type of ballscrews and won’t repair them unless we can guarantee you a full functioning product at the end!

Ball screw failure is most often caused by the gradual degradation of the ball screw surface through metal to metal contact of the re-circulating balls to the hardened metal surface of the ball screw shaft.

Another possible cause could be a machine crash where the abrupt excessive load and rapid deceleration can cause buckling of the ball screw shaft and damage to the ball nut itself, including splitting some of the re-circulating balls within the ball nut.

We will recondition your worn or damaged ballscrew, making sure that it looks and performs as good as new. For less than half the price of a new ball screw.

Whatever the cause, our highly skilled craftsmen have 40 years worth of experience in ballscrew repair process. Each ballscrew is ground and super polished to a mirrior finishes for longer service life. They are individually preloaded to the highest possible positioning accuracy. They look and perform as they did when new.

We will only repair your ballscrew unit if we know that you will gain a cost and/or time saving by doing so when compared to buying new unit. Generally a repair is the best option but if not we will tell you immediately.

Correct ball size and quality is critical to achieve superior positioning accuracy, repeatability, and long ball screw life. If the ball size is incorrect a ball screw will never achieve its designed positioning potential. If the material hardness, spherical accuracy, or surface finish is incorrect the wear characteristics of the ball screw will be seriously compromised. In our Ball Screw Repair process we only use balls of equal or better quality than were installed by the original ball screw manufacturer.

Some of our competitors are satisfied to install the minimum quality Grade 25 chrome steel balls that are cheaper and more easily obtained in multiple sizes than high quality balls. We, however, predominantly use Grade 10 for balls 0.1 inch to 0.375 inch in diameter, Grade 5 for balls less than 0.1 inch, and only use Grade 25 for balls over 0.375 inch diameter because this grade is only accurate enough for the larger size balls.

We stock almost every size of ball in at least 0.000050 inch (50 millionths) increments, which be believe is absolutely necessary to be able to recondition all types and sizes of ballscrew correctly with a quick turnaround. To stock hundreds of ball sizes of predominantly Grade 10 quality is beyond all but the most reputable and committed companies.

Esco Ball Screw Repair have years of experience repairing all brands of ballscrew Domestic or Foreign. Some of the main Ball Screw Manufacturers are listed below, followed by some of the main Machine Tool Manufacturers whose machinery utilizes ballscrew positioning linear motion systems.

We also recondition ball screws units that are no longer in production.

And we will not proceed with a ballscrew repair process unless we can guarantee a full functioning working product.

We specialize in the repairs of the folling manufacturies Bridgeport, Fadal, Haas, Hitachi, Mazak , Mori Seik.

Reconditioning a ballscrew costs less than a new unit from a machine tool supplier or the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), alleviating down time and installation problems.

Our ballscrew repair covers all types of ball screws and we will repair your unit to as good as, or better than, new condition and ship it back to you with a FULL 1 YEAR GUARANTEE and we wii not repair it unless we can guarantee you a better product at the end, along with a cost saving by doing so when compared with buying new...

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